Embla Rescue ry was founded in December 10th 2019 by a group of Finnish volunteers to aid the stray animals in Romania. At present, the work focuses on stray dogs. The mission of Embla Rescue is to help these dogs, and when possible, find homes for dogs who otherwise would unlikely be chosen for adoption. As the work becomes more established the aim of the organization is to build a small shelter run by Finnish volunteers where the individual and species-typical needs of each animal can be met. The operation is funded entirely by donations.

The founder of the organization, Veera Nuri, currently lives in Romania at the site of Carpe shelter of homeless dogs. It is therefore natural that the operations of the organization focus on Carpe and its dogs with special needs. These dogs usually need medication, rehabilitation or suffer from conditions or injuries requiring surgical care. There is also a need for utilities such as food and supplements. When possible, we also aim to offer homes and when needed, foster homes for the shelter dogs. The building work for the new mini shelter will commence as soon as we find the appropriate property for it.

The goals of the organisation

  • Help the Romanian stray animals
  • Build and maintain a mini shelter for homeless animals in Romania
  • Rehome Romanian stray dogs via responsible adoption

How to help?

Current Facebook auction for the dogs!

Also we are gathering donations such as dog food, dewormings, nutritional oils and transport cages. Feel free to contact if you have something to donate!

Contact us: emblarescue@gmail.com